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There’s a saying among photographers that “the best camera is the one you have with you.” And for most of us, the one we always have with us is our phone camera. Whether that phone is an iPhone or an Android device, the cameras just keep getting better.

The ubiquitous ‘selfie’ is here to stay. But sometimes, we’d like to have a shot that we can’t get by holding the phone at arm’s length above our head. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a tripod-like device to hold our phone while we get a little further away for a better composition of the shot?

Certainly, there are attachments for a standard tripod that allow it to hold a cell phone. But it’s really not practical to carry a tripod – even a tabletop model – around with you on the off-chance you might need it for a particular shot.

The Pocket Tripod

I recently became aware of a device called the Pocket Tripod. Available at Pocket-Tripod.com1, the credit card-sized device fits in a wallet or purse pocket. With three easy twists, it unfolds into a wedge that easily holds most of today’s cell phones.

pocket tripod
The Pocket Tripod is the size of a standard credit card when folded.
Three quick twists transform the Pocket Tripod into a stable phone platform

The Pocket Tripod comes with a variety of inserts that allow it to be adapted to virtually any width of phone, with or without a cover. The sections that hold the phone pivot, allowing you to adjust the shot angle across a wide spectrum.

And since the Pocket Tripod holds your phone, you aren’t restricted to using it only at arm’s length. You can set it on a table or other surface and use the self-timer function of your phone’s camera to take a photo after a short duration. This allows you to be in your own shots but to have those shots composed more like they were taken by someone else from a distance.

Durable and Inexpensive

About the thickness of two embossed credit cards, the Pocket Tripod fits easily in my wallet.

The Pocket Tripod has carbon fiber, specifically 3 Twill carbon fiber, molded into the legs and then overlaid with plastic. While I have only had my tripods (yes, I have two of them) a short time, they’ve had quite a bit of use and aren’t showing the slightest sign of joint wear.

One of the great factors about the Pocket Tripod is that it is inexpensive. At only $35.00, it’s easy to get one for every member of the family. Both my wife and I have one, and carry it with us at all times.

I chose the device in black and red, but it comes in a variety of colors, including all-black.

And if you aren’t satisfied, Pocket-Tripod offers a full refund.

Useful Even When I Have My Regular Camera

Certainly, as an avid photographer, I almost always have my mirrorless camera and a lens or two in my car. But there are times when I just want a quick shot of a scene – and I want to be in the scene. In those instances, it’s far easier to pull the Pocket Tripod out of my wallet and my phone out of my pocket than to set up my regular tripod and camera.

Three quick twists of the Pocket Tripod, set my phone in the slot and adjust the angle, activate the timer and position myself in the shot. For a quick photo or two, I’m finished in less time than I can unfold my regular tripod and attach my camera to it.

The Pocket Tripod is easily adjustable to position your phone at different angles to get that perfect shot.

As an aside, it’s also great for positioning your phone on a table or airline tray for reading.

Try It and Let Me Know

Try the Pocket Tripod and let me know in the comments what you think about it. I’m quite sure you will be happy with the purchase.

  1. The Pocket-Tripod is also available on Amazon, although I bought both of mine directly from the manufacturer. I checked the Amazon listing as I was preparing this article, and the device is actually cheaper when purchased directly from Pocket-Tripod.com.

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